Spell, For None and All (Bad Omen Records, 2016)

The press materials for Canadian metallers Spell make it clear that the band not only sound like they're from the early '80s, but they're also proud of it. Citing Judas Priest and early Scorpions as key influences, listening to the power trio's sophomore album, For None and All, also brings to mind Mercyful Fate and many NWOBHM bands.

Spell bassist/vocalist Cam Mesmer has an interesting vocal delivery style, throwing a bit of vibrato into the mix from time to time, but never overdoing it. Musically, For None All contains stuff that falls under the trad metal flag, while songs like "Too Late" and "The Sickness Unto Death" include more hard rock-infused arrangements. In the hooks department, the trio offers up some memorable vocal and riff earworms. That latter aspect of Spell is the most appealing trait of their sound. When it comes to hooky parts, these Cannucks know what they're doing.

With For None and All, Spell have joined bands like Christian Mistress and High Spirits in bringing a fresh energy to an older metal sound.

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