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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Confined

Photo: Cherrybomb Fox

Band: Confined
From: Eaton, Ohio

Their formation story:
(Larry Young, bass): "Confined is a three piece from Eaton, Ohio. Our drummer, Patrick, and myself have been in various projects together since they were 17. It hasn’t always been hardcore, but playing music with true friends has always been important. Through mutual friends, we connected with Max (guitar) after he came home from Ball State.

"We started playing music together, along with our good friend Ryan (vocals) and we formed Suffer No More. Health issues kept Ryan from continuing and we felt it was a good time to start over again. We then formed Confined.

"First and foremost Confined is a band of brothers, outside that we centered this band around a mutual love for the hardcore scene and desire to write hard hitting riffs with lyrics that not only meant something to us personally, but are also grab the mic from the front man worthy." 

Their sound in their own words:
"We each bring a different sound to the band but we are primarily heavy beatdown with some death metal influences and we combine that with classic tom and bass grooves and two-step sections."

Latest release info:
"We are proud to present Righteous Death, recorded, mixed, and mastered my Brandon Stuck, as our debut album. We have been working on these songs for a year and a half and we are ecstatic with what it evolved and grew into. The release is straight to the point, angry, and a call out to the people faking their way through life."

Future plans:
"We have a run of shows in the Midwest coming up in June to promote Righteous Death. We’ve stacked the bills with a lot of our friends we’ll beplaying 6 shows which was challenging to make happen but we have enjoyed the process. We also have various dates later in the summer and into the fall."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Fates Hand, Feticide, Saboteur, No Grave, Old Poet, Cross Fire, Rest Assured, Dirt Merchant, Kings Gambit, and Hamarr."

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