Staticlone: Blacklisted, Shark Attack Members’ New Band Drops More Material

George Hirsch performing with Blacklisted @ Ché Café, La Jolla, CA, 2012. (Photo: Dan Rawe)

Last fall, I featured Staticlone, a new band featuring musicians from Blacklisted and Shark Attack within its lineup.

Vocalist/guitarist George Hirsch told me about Staticlone's origin story: "I was working and just listening to music all day and I started obsessing over punk and hardcore. What I loved about it. My teenage self, before I was in a band or even knew what the scene was. All I knew were records. And before I knew it I wrote 20 or so songs and started asking people I knew if they wanted to do a band."

Staticlone's debut was a 6-song demo that found the musicians weaving together a gloomy blend of hardcore punk, crust, death rock, and other points in between. It's no surprise Nausea, Samhain, and Motörhead were all mentioned by George when he spoke about their shared influences for the new endeavor.

The trio, which is rounded out by bassist Dave Walling and drummer Jeff Ziga, will be releasing a flexi soon, and you can check out its two tracks below. "We recorded with Wyatt Oberholzer (Fixation, Chemical Fix) ," George told me via email a few days ago.

"I actually first heard of Wyatt via your website, and then Dave —who also plays in Shark Attack—recorded with him. So, Dave reached out to him and we recorded in early December in Philadelphia." 

George offered up some thoughts on his lyrics to the two tracks on the new flexi:

"'Cabotinage' is a French theater term that means behavior of a second rate actor i.e. obviously playing to the audience. I wrote the riffs thinking about the character False Face, from the '60s Batman TV series. He always frightened me as a kid. He had a real anti-social feel to him.

"The bridge of this song really encapsulated that for me. Lyrically, it's about a type of person we all know."

"I worked in a video store briefly when I was in high school where I was introduced to Ingmar Bergman (among other giants of the field). I am still dealing with a lot of his work even today.' ...Of Light' I wrote after I finished reading his autobiography. Both the guitar riffs and the lyrics. I am not sure they have anything to do with any of what I just said. But it felt like one of those moments where I felt inspired."

Staticlone rehearsal photo provided by George Hirsch

The Staticlone flexi is available for pre-order directly on their Bandcamp page. Stay tuned for a cassette release of their 2021 demo coming soon.


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