Chain Reaction: Ex-Mems of Rise and Fall, Congress Go “Clevo” on “Hangman” (PREMIERE)

Featuring vocalist Bjorn Dossche (Rise and Fall), drummer Vincent Merveillie (Rise and Fall, Spirit of Youth, Kingpin), bassist Clovis Seghers (Congress, Kingpin), and guitarist Sim Meerseman (Spirit of Youth, Kingpin), Chain Reaction is a band close to my heart.

With a sound that mines from the same sonic and spiritual well hardcore groups like Outburst and Dmize mined from, Chain Reaction is gearing up for the release of Hangman, their debut EP. I recently wrote about the band's song "Past Lives," but I'm back today with an exclusive premiere of the EP's title track.

Bjorn told me that the '90s "Clevo" sound of Integrity's Systems Overload album was a huge inspiration on "Hangman." He also said that towards the end of the song, they end up in "Icemen territory," citing the '80s NYHC outfit. Lyrically speaking, he tried to address the deceitful ways of those that promise a better life or a new tomorrow in order to gain votes, fortune, or followers.

Hangman will be issued in the States by Six Feet Under Records, and in Europe, by Control Records, in late November.

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