Choking Sands Summon the Spirit of ‘90s Clevo Hardcore on “Bloodbirth” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Sean Reilly

The sonic concept behind Choking Sands was to combine the various sounds found on the classic Earache Records Grindcrusher compilation with Holy Terror-esque hardcore. If that isn't specific enough for you, the Washington, DC-based outfit cite such bands as Integrity, Terrorizer, and Pulling Teeth as prime influences.

Being a fan of all of the above, I had to check the results out myself and I'm glad I did. Dropping next month, Obsessed with Death is a 5-track EP that finds Choking Sands delivering everything they set out to do, and I'm psyched to help spread the word about the band via "Bloodbirth," a track from the forthcoming release:

“'Bloodbirth' is an abstract concept, ranging from considering literal birth to the formation of new ideas and movements," Choking Sands vocalist Brendan McAloon told me about the track. "It culminates in the perspective of life as a form of suffering."

"Death is my desire
Release me from this curse
I’ve suffered long enough 
I’m one with bloodbirth."

Obsessed with Death will be available digitally on all platforms on July 5, with limited cassette tape pre-orders available on both the band’s Bandcamp page as well as through Corruption Scheme Distro.

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