Absolution, Juxtaposition (Wardance Records, 2017)

Though they never issued a proper studio album, Absolution's influence on NYHC cannot be disputed. In the late '80s, the young band's material offered a unique flavor that had an immediate impact on the hardcore scene. If you aren't well-versed on Absolution already, I strongly recommend reading this piece that appeared on our site back in 2015.

Juxtaposition is a new EP from Absolution featuring the lineup of Djinji Brown (vocals), Gavin Van Vlack (guitar), Dan Cav (bass), and Andy Guida (drums) that finds the band slamming down some of their previous material in new and improved recording sessions. Tracked in studios in NYC and Miami in 2011, Juxtaposition includes "As We Are" and "Risk," two tracks from Absolution's 1988 demo, and these new versions pack a lot of punch, especially in the guitar and vocal areas.

"In Thought" was a song the group had included in their live sets that they never got around to recording, and its inclusion on this new EP is a treat for anyone who was lucky enough to catch the band back during their original run.

"Never Ending Game" is another old gem that originally appeared on the classic New Breed compilation from 1988. Like the other songs on Juxtaposition, "Never Ending Game" benefits from a muscular mix that puts an emphasis on Van Vlack's guitar and Brown's unique vocal stylings. Outside of NYHC loyalists, the hope is that newer entrants to the hardcore world pick up a copy of this EP so that they can hear why Absolution is such an important part of the scene's sonic evolution.

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