Wenches: Ex-Members of Racebannon, Torturess Rock Hard on “Truck Stop Tank Top” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

For most of us, there’s a sense of retroactive discovery that takes place when we discover punk rock. Maybe D-beat or grind served as the gateway drug, maybe screamo or straight edge hardcore...it doesn’t really matter. Hopefully, part of that journey for everyone includes the realization of the awesome power of proto-punk bands like MC5 and The Stooges. 

It’s this raw, no-bullshit vein that Wenches taps as an inspiration for their undiluted rock realness as illustrated on this video we’re premiering today. “Truck Stop Tank Top” might be short, but it tells you everything you need to know about Wenches, an Indiana-based outfit that features ex-members of Racebannon, Torturess, and The Lurking Corpses:

Watch out for Wenches' upcoming EP, State Fair Hair, and follow the band on their social media pages: Facebook | Instagram


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