War Within: Scottish Band Pays Tribute to Classic H8000 Era via Arkangel Cover (PREMIERE)

Photo: Greg Hall

Allow me to introduce you to War Within, a band that is proudly part of the Jute City Hardcore scene in Dundee, Scotland.

The quartet is heavily inspired by the H8000 sound that emerged out of Belgium in the '90s, plus labels like Catalyst Records, and more modern metalcore bands like Sanction and xElegyx.

War Within's specific style of metalcore promises "no singalong hooks designed for arenas," so don't expect any radio-baiting clean vocals around their parts. The band released their debut EP, I Reside Where Our Love Died, across streaming outlets in late 2023. 

A cassette version of the EP which contains War Within's cover of Arkangel's “Within the Walls of Babylon." Only available on the US version of the tape—via Yetzer Hara Records—the cover features guest vocals by Joe and Mike of xHour of Reprisalx.

Being a fellow H8000 devotee, I'm psyched to present the song's premiere:

UK readers can order a cassette copy of the I Reside Where Our Love Died EP from Keep Chirpin' Records. The US version will drop in March via Yetzer Hara Records (pre-order).

If you prefer a digital version of I Reside Where Our Love Died, order it from the War Within Bandcamp page

Photo: Capacitor Photography

War Within on social media: TwitterInstagram


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