5 Essential Metal Cover Songs, by Dalton Rail (Terminal Nation)

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With a sound that is as violent as being sprayed in the face with acid, No Echo has been spreading the gospel of Terminal Nation since 2018. Incorporating aural elements of power violence, death metal, and metallic hardcore, the Little Rock, Arkansas-based quintet has steadily built their listener base by playing a ton of shows and releasing material on such labels as Deep Six Records and To Live a Lie.

Now singed to 20 Buck Spin (Foreseen, Tomb Mold), Terminal Nation will be releasing their debut album, Holocene Extinction, next month. Listen below to see why we believe in these dudes:

Since we love lists around here, we asked Terminal Nation guitarist Dalton Rail for some of his all-time favorite heavy metal cover songs. OK, HIM isn't necessarily metal, but don't sue us!


Crowbar, "No Quarter" (originally done by Led Zeppelin) 

"No Quarter" is one of my favorite Zeppelin songs, and Crowbar happens to be one of my favorite bands. Tight articulate guitar, clanky bass tones, and Kirk's vocals really turn this cover into a monster. It still gives me the same vibe that the original does, but it adds a bit more disparity. The ending opens up and has this victorious feel to it. 

Type O Negative, "Paranoid" (originally done by Black Sabbath)

Type O Negative were absolute masters in the art of covering songs, many of which people think are their originals. They had a way of completely reimagining the original song and transforming it into their sound, but still maintaining the integrity and respect that’s given for covering a song. This cover is slowed down immensely, and Peter's cathedral-like singing and vocal flutters really does it for me in this one.

HIM, (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (originally done by Blue Öyster Cult) 

Unapologetic HIM fan here, and I don’t think they could’ve covered a better song. Ville’s voice coupled with the woman’s is very entrancing and seduces you just like any other HIM song. The instrumentals in this don’t overdo it, and really allow the vocals to breathe. Ville Valo forever. 

Cradle of Filth, "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (originally done by Iron Maiden) 

Mall black metal meets early '80s metal right here. It's a perfect mash up, in my opinion. I love Cradle of Filth, and this was an interesting pick for them. If you listen, it actually makes sense. I love all the nuances Dani Filth adds into this song. Overall, it maintains the original songs integrity and structure, with some added twists. 

Obituary, "Circle of the Tyrants" (originally done by Celtic Frost) 

Celtic Frost was a band that helped pioneer early death/black metal. Obituary is a band that perfected death metal. This song is basically a 1:1 cover and I’m absolutely here for it. Two legendary bands, Obituary paying homage to the almighty Celtic Frost. This song is a straight ass whooper, regardless of the version you listen to. 10/10

Honorable mentions: 
Thou & The Body, "The Chain" (originally done by Fleetwood Mac) 
Carnivore, "Manic Depression" (originally done by Jimi Hendrix) 


Holocene Extinction will be released on August 7th via 20 Buck Spin. You can pre-order the album on both their label's webstore or Bandcamp page.

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