KIX, Can't Stop the Show: The Return of KIX (Loud & Proud Records, 2016)

2014 saw KIX release their seventh studio album, Rock Your Face Off. The album marked the return for the Maryland hard rock institution after 19 years away from the studio. The album was well-received and its raunchy yet melodic tunes didn't sound out of place in the band's catalog. Keeping the momentum up, the group has just released Can't Stop the Show: The Return of KIX, a two-disc DVD + CD set, which includes a live album and a full-length documentary offering an in-depth look at the making of their comeback record.

I had the pleasure of catching a KIX headliner a few years back at the House of Blues in Hollywood, California, so I already knew how powerful the band was, even though they've been around—on and off—since the late '70s. The live portion of the new package will convince you of that, with scorching takes on such KIX staples as "Cold Blood," "Girl Money," and "Blow My Fuse." Both Steve Whiteman's voice and stage moves remain as strong as ever. Very few of his peers sound as great as Whiteman does five decades into his career.

The documentary side of Can't Stop the Show: The Return of KIX is also a win. The film features interview bites from such music world personalities as Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Jeff LeBar (Cinderella), Shannon Larkin (Godsmack, Wrathchild America), and Eddie Trunk discussing their love for KIX. It also digs into the band's history and why they decided to return to the studio to make the Rock Your Face Off album. While some of the interviews were done via Skype, it's easy to let that slide knowing this was probably a self-funded project.

It's always great to see a non-mainstream type of musical artist get the documentary treatment, and this KIX DVD hit all the right spots.

[Editor's note: Cover photo for this article by Julie McNamara.]

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