Tharsis They: Chaotic Metalcore Straight from Michigan on “Mortar & Pestle” (PREMIERE)

Tharsis They has always been a band that operates in accordance with the varying limitations around each of our personal lives," Steve Muczynski, vocalist of the Michigan-based metallic hardcore band, tells No Echo. "Like most things in life, those limitations ebb and flow, so when the stars align we just try to make shit happen!

"Since 2014, [guitarist] Dicki [Hilton] and [bassist] Chris [Trestain] have become fathers (the latter of which was literally last week!), [drummer] Brian [McGuire] bought a huge house in Detroit, and I ended up moving out to California while simultaneously continuing to tour with my other band, Hollow Earth."

"Upon settling into fatherhood Dicki had the itch to write another record, so he just started cranking out songs. Which means that some of these date back to 2015! When it comes to writing music, the well never runs dry in T-They camp."

Well, No Echo is helping reintroduce Tharsis They to the world via "Mortar & Pestle," a crazed slice of chaotic metalcore that will be appearing on their forthcoming album, Hell First:

"This is a deeply personal song that likely will not read as such without offering a little something extra," Steve says of "Mortar & Pestle." "Without getting overly personal, I’ll just leave it at this: Faith in a deity does not change the fucking neurochemistry of the brain. We need to break the ties that bind our antiquated thinking on and around mental health in this country, and I’m starting by putting brainwashed, ignorant Christians in my crosshairs. What about the 'love lost in the wake of the lives you’ve left behind'?"

Steve also offers thoughts on some of the other material that will be featured on the Hell First album: "As far as lyrical themes go, I knew I wanted to push myself to be more vulnerable with this record. In the past I’ve explored a lot of issue-oriented subject matter, as well as toying with abstract and existential ideas. While both of those approaches are definitely still at play on Hell First, I’d like to think the ratio has been flipped this time around."

"I’m about to turn 38 and let me just posit this; my mid-30s have been a fucking whirlwind that has given me extreme pause and cause to take an honest, comprehensive look at myself and the life I have lived up until now."

"Mortar & Pestle" is available now via Dropping Bombs on Bandcamp. The label will be releasing the Hell First album in August. Stay tuned for pre-order info.

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