Silence Equals Death Reach the Tipping Point on “Peacemaker” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

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Citing such influences as Most Precious Blood, Terror, and Strife, Silence Equals Death is a New Jersey-based hardcore band that recently released its debut album, End Times. Issued on longrunning label Eulogy Recordings (Wisdom In Chains, Morning Again), the record strikes a healthy balance of chugging riffs and hook-filled vocal lines. 

Silence Equals Death hail from the Bergen County area of their state, a region that also gave birth to bands like Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog, and Backlash. "There really aren't many hardcore bands or venues in Bergen County anymore," reveals Silence Equals Death vocalist Scott Earth. "Violence and people disrespecting the halls all but put an end to the days of the VFW show. Just to the south/west of us we have the Meatlocker, Clash Bar, and The Blue Room which are all holding things down pretty well in Northeast Jersey. We tend to play more in NYC these days and things are doing phenomenal for us there."

The violence theme is prevelant in "Peacemaker," the song/video we're premiering here today. "The song is trying to echo the frustrations many are feeling with the current conditions in the world. We aren't necessarily encouraging violence, but we certainly do understand the tipping point many feel when it seems as if the world is against them."

Eulogy Recordings has been part of the hardcore scene since all the way back to the mid-‘90s, so I ask Scott how the band linked up with the label's owner, John Wylie. "We are good friends with the guys from Full Scale Riot who put out a full-length on Eulogy last year. Tim and BJ from the band put us in direct contact with John and were sure to put in a good word. We sent him some songs and as they say, the rest is history."

I ask the vocalist to pick his favorite Eulogy release: "To take the easy way out, I'd say it's a 3-way tie between Full Scale Riot, Brick By Brick, and Vice."

With End Times in stores, Scott and the band are showing no signs of slowing down. "We intend on spending the next few months playing in support of the album before hunkering down to work on the next release. We're also looking to position ourselves to hop on some of the big fests here in the US and abroad next year."

End Times is available now via Eulogy Recordings.

Silence Equal Death live dates:
August 6th @ Blast Furnace BBQ @ Lucky 13 in Brooklyn NY
August 13th @ Just For Us Hardcore Kids CD release party @ The Blue Room in Secaucus NJ
August 19th @ Hardcore Beatdown Against Cancer Benefit @ Brooklyn Bazaar Brooklyn NY

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