In Cold Blood: Clevo Metallic HC Group Sets Dark Tone on “This Has to End” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ivy Novosel 

The mid-'90s was a glorious time for hardcore. One of the bands that came out of that era was Cleveland's In Cold Blood. 

With a revamped lineup comprised of guitarists Ryan Conway and Blaze Tishko, drummer Connor Dunn, bassist Shawn Hinkle, and vocalist Chops Torres, In Cold Blood recently entered the studio to cook up more of the metallic hardcore madness they're known for.

To whet the appetite, In Cold Blood has decided to partner up with No Echo to premiere "This Has to End," one of the new tracks they just recorded.

The song is a slow-burner, building from a moody intro that brings to mind the thrash ballads of classic Metal Church ("Watch the Children Pray") and Flotsam and Jetsam ("Escape from Within"), before tearing into a brutal mid-tempo stomp that screams classic Clevo.

As you'll hear below, "This Has to End" is a song that was definitely made for these times:

In Cold Blood frontman Chops Torres told No Echo the following about "This Has to End" and its lyrics:

"The song touches on the themes of anger and frustration you feel when you can’t let go of the past that’s eating you up inside and preventing you from growing as a person."

The "This Has to End" single will be out on November 27th via Blood Blast Distribution and Upstate Records. Hit this link to pre-save the track on the streaming sites. Stay tuned for more release news from In Cold Blood in early 2021.

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