SickOnes: Melodic British Hardcore Trio Return with “Bad Way” Music Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Isha Shah

Earlier this year, I told you about SickOnes, a UK-based melodic hardcore trio that formed just a couple of years back. This isn't a band writing Youth Crew-styled anthems, or even metallic-minded hardcore. Instead, SickOnes deliver ultra-infectious jams that are driven by sky-wide hooks and bouncy rhythms. I previously compared what the English outfit are doing to the catchiest aspects of Turnstile, and still stand behind that.

Today, Charlie from SickOnes sent me the band's new video for their "Bad Way" single. Shot, produced, and edited by the group, it's their sixth DIY music video to date. You gotta love and respect that hustle.

"Bad Way" will be available on SickOnes' forthcoming Find Energy EP, which will arrive next week. Head to their Bandcamp page to check out more of their music, and if you're in the UK, go check the gentlemen out on the following tour dates:

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