Sparing: North Carolina Alt-Rock Outfit Runs Away With Nostalgia via “Lush” Video

Beginning as a solo project for vocalist Zach Godwin in 2019, Sparing are now carving a path all their own. 

While it's clear that the Raleigh, North Carolina 5-piece are indebted to the influence of late ‘90s alt-rock, their latest single “Lush,” harks back to the rise and dominance of Run For Cover Records mainstays like Balance and Composure, Daytrader, and Superheaven. 

There’s a call-and-response quality to the track’s chorus that conjures up the nostalgic reverie of Title Fight’s impassioned debut, with Godwin capturing the bitter pain of regrets and a yearning for escapism: “Walls are caving in/ Living in your own skin/ Run away with me/ We’ll run away.”

Watch the video for “Lush” below:

With the band’s members all pulling double duty as part of North Carolina hardcore act Thirteenth, Sparing bring a gruff, post-hardcore edge to the melodic instrumentation and huge, anthemic hooks found on their forthcoming debut EP, Old Dreams.

Talking with No Echo over email, Godwin describes the intent behind the band’s new EP:

“This will be the first major release for the band and with Sunday Drive/Deathwish Inc. attached, we just want to give it the best shot of getting into the right ears!”

Old Dreams is out July 30th via Sunday Drive Records and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

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