Myanmar Resistance: New Punk Compilation to Help Raise Funds for an Important Cause

Hey! Are you against military coups and civilian massacres? Do you oppose authoritarianism and support democracy? Probably! Unless you're a total asshole or maybe a Republican or something. 

Assuming that isn't the case: 

Food Not Bombs - Myanmar needs your help. For a lot of reasons, and in a lot of ways, but given that most of you reading this are probably located roughly 8,000 miles from Yangon, I'll tell you about an easy way to lend a hand. 

A new international punk compilation—Myanmar Resistance—is due out on September 24th on Grimace Records.

It'll have 42 bands on it including MDC and the Dwarves, as well as other great bands from all over the world and from across Southeast Asia. 

Why help? Or what are you helping with?

“Punks from Food Not Bombs - Myanmar have been caring for the elderly homeless population, bringing books to schools, feeding the poorest of the poor while being shot at in the streets by authorities," says compilation producer Sophie Rousmaniere. 

"While the government stands by and lets COVID-19 decimate their population, punks are out in the streets and they need our international community to back them up."

The easiest way to contribute is actually really truly pretty goddamned easy. Just listen to the compilation on Spotify starting on September 24th and money will be donated to Food Not Bombs - Myanmar. 

For more information, hit this link.