Fading Signal: North Carolina Hardcore Unit Keeps the Tempos Fast on New EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Courtney Breen

Fading Signal first came together in 2019 when a few musicians in Raleigh, North Carolina felt that there was a lack of more straightforward hardcore bands within their community. 

Merging their talents, the quintet got to work, linking up with To Live a Lie Records (Spy, Dry Socket) who released the group's 3-song demo last year.

While COVID got in the way of their show plans for the rest of the year, Fading Signal kept busy working on material, which is usually delivered with an adrenaline shot of velocity, but the band never holds back on the mosh quotient in their songs, sure to make No Echo's pit-inclined readers happy.

The aforementioned new Fading Signal tracks are coming out as an EP called Nothing Feels Good Anymore, which would be a funny title if it weren't so painfully true lately.

Dig in below (bonus points if you can spot the '80s film reference at the end of the record):

"Musically, I think this EP is a major step up from our demo," Fading Signal singer Jordy tells No Echo. "It's more melodic, catchier, well written, and well structured, and I couldn't be happier with it. Lyrically, this record was a hurdle.

"There were things that I went through — heartbreaks, loss of friends, depression, suicidal thoughts, the lowest my mental health has ever been — that I felt so much anger and hatred toward the world because of.

The lyrics on this record are me directly dealing with those things instead of lashing out at the world because of them."

Luckily, Jordy had Fading Signal to re-focus that negative energy into something positive: "As corny as it may be to say, writing this record was very therapeutic for me."

Photo: Dylan Mckae Jones

Nothing Feels Good Anymore will be available for sale on Bandcamp on January 29th. 

Fading Signal on social media: Instagram | Bandcamp


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