Shook Ones to Return with New Album, Drop First Track “Night Blind” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Kimberly Yount

Almost a decade after their last studio album, Shook Ones are back.

The Bellingham, WA outfit will be dropping a surprise new LP for the folks at Revelation Records, the label that released their beloved Facetious Folly Feat album in 2006.

Recorded over the past few months at Hear Me Shimmer and the Loom Room studios, and mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Primal Rite, Gouge Away) at Atomic Garden, the album is titled Body Feel and you can check out the first taste of the record in the form of a track called "Night Blind."

Lyrics for "Night Blind":

“Growth be damned, I cant understand this impulse for always feeding
Sight be damned, I am unconvinced that this growth is benign
From what I see, feasts won’t cure maladies of pride alone
We are the engineers of this mass of bolts and gears
A winged machine beyond control and hope won’t steer this mess around much longer
Wax is dripping from the wings
From what I see, feats cant cure maladies that we’ve designed
From what I see, feats wont fill this cup that’s never full
God damn this fools drive: the hunger for what we can’t hold
Like sand through fingers bemoaned
From what I see, feasts wont cure the woes of the needs we’ve self-incurred
Loath the cup that’s never full
From what I see, feats cant cure maladies that we have born
God damn this drive of man
It takes decay to realize what we had
The greenest greens you’ve ever seen traded for the shades of brown

Body Feel will arrive in stores on Oct. 19 via Revelation Records and can be pre-ordered now directly from the label.

Photo: Kimberly Yount

Shook Ones live dates:
November 10 - Bellingham, WA @ Makeshift w/ Supercrush, Matriarch (LP release)
December 8 - Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman w/ Super Unison
January 4 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hi Hat w /Dangers, Berthold City
January 5 - Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate & Sound w/ Dangers, Berthold City

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