Pressure Pact: Dutch Hardcore Band's Scared Off the Streets is a Ripping Debut LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Visual Violence

Citing such influences as SSD, Celtic Frost, and Heresy, Pressure Pact is a Dutch hardcore band that write the kinds of songs that would fit perfectly over one of those street fights compilations you see on YouTube. Wall Breaker bassist Jeff DeSantis said the following about the group, and he's on the money: "Has there been a void in your hardcore heart since Boston Strangler disappeared? Here is the best band in all of Europe to fill the void." 

After a self-titled EP and subsequent demo tape, Pressure Pact is about to drop their debut album, Scared Off the Streets, and No Echo got the early hook up for you:

Recorded and mixed Georgios Maxouris, Scared Off the Streets will arrive in stores on Dec. 6 on Wolves of Hades (LP) and Humanimaal (cassette).


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