Slashers: Crossover Skate Thrashers Drop Twisted Music Video for “Snotty” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Donna Viering

First appearing back in 2017 via a well-received demo, Slashers is a thrashy skate-obsessed band featuring members of Ramming Speed, Prostitution, and Hightower.

The Brooklyn, New York-based combo often go a weird route in some of their guitar riffing and melodies yet always keep things catchy at all times.

Slashers' latest release is a two-song EP called Hang On, but they've just teamed up with animator Huy Nguyen who has created a mind-fucked music video for the band's track, "Snotty." The song originally appeared on their self-titled 2019 debut album:

Slashers had this to say about "Snotty" and its lyrics:

"Jamie always introduces this song on stage by saying, 'This next one is about being a snotty-nosed brat, because we're all brats on the inside.'" 

The debut Slashers album is available on vinyl via Bandcamp.

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