Berthold City: Hardcore Combo Call Out Lazy Scene Vets on "Broken Foundation" (PREMIERE)

Photo: Greg Flack

"You waved your flag and now it's torn and tattered / your empty promises no longer matter" 

from Berthold City's "Broken Foundation"

An aspect of hardcore that has always appealed to me is the straight-forward, no-bullshit approach of its lyrics. "Broken Foundation" from Berthold City is a stellar example of this idea in practice. "The song is about all the bands that disappeared and turned their backs on hardcore and 20 years later they come back and expect the hardcore owes them something," says vocalist Andrew Kline about "Broken Foundation," which the LA-based quintet recorded for Youth Crew 2018, a forthcoming hardcore compilation. Andrew continues to explain his lyrics: "Like anything in life, you get what you give. I'm not saying that I am better... I am just saying that we can all make a change to make this community a better place."

In addition to Berthold City, Youth Crew 2018 will also feature tracks from Kind! Crew, No Wasted, Bystander, All In, Feel the Burn, Protein, and Animal Club. "Toni from Positive and Focused Records hit me up and asked us to be a part of the comp. It is pretty easy for us to record and there are a lot of cool bands and labels involved. It’s nice to be a part of something that is focusing on bands from around the world, and I am definitely looking forward to hearing the whole 7”!"

Nick Jett of Terror fame held down the drums on "Broken Foundation," though he's not a permanent member of Berthold City. "Nick filled in for us on our first East Coast tour with Kill Your Idols and FireBurn back in March. Our drummer, Adam [Galindo], has been pretty busy touring and recording with his other band, so I asked Nick to play on the song so we could meet the deadline for the comp." Like Andrew says, he and the rest of Berthold City rather figure out a temporary solution to a membership scheduling issue than sit around waiting for shit to happen.

"We have had a few different fill-ins since the band started, and I think our goal is to play as much as we can with as many of our core members as we can. Everyone has different responsibilities, and we all have an understanding that other people will step in when needed."

Photo: Tyler Ross

I ask Andrew what the plan for Berthold City is for the rest of 2018 and if they have 2019 mapped out yet. "We are just trying to play as much as we can! We have a good amount of shows booked throughout the end of the year, and a few shows booked with Shook Ones in January. We are putting the finishing touches on a new 7” as well that should hopefully be out early next year."

Photo: Michael D. Thorn

Upcoming Berthold City shows:
Sept 22 - Oakland, CA @ Lucky Duck Bicycle Cafe w/ Cutting Through, Dying for It, Defend, and more
Sept 23 - Fullerton, CA @ Programme w/ Dare, Rod of Correction, Sacred Fire, and Heat
Oct 06 - Garden Grove, CA @ Garden Amp w/ Agnostic Front, Ignite, Excel, Death by Stereo, and more
Jan 04 - Los Angeles, CA @ Hi Hat w/ Shook Ones, Dangers
Jan 05 - Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate & Sound w/ Shook Ones, Dangers

The Youth Crew 2018 compilation will be out on Oct. 17 and the pre-order is live. To make sure you're getting the best price, check out the different labels releasing the compilation, and their respective territories, below:

West EuropePositive and Focused Records 
East EuropeUgly and Proud Records
AustraliaSet the Fire Records
UKSpeed O Wax Records
USAState of Mind Recordings
South AmericaSPxDiscos 

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