Luguber: Suriname Band Wants to Help Build a Hardcore Scene in the Caribbean Region

Photo: Ian Malone

In a No Echo first, we're covering a band from Suriname, a country on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. Playing a metallic strain of hardcore, the trio has been around for a few years now, releasing a couple of singles and an EP (2018's Het Pad) throughout that time.

"Luguber was formed in a town called Nickerie where I met Akeem Smith (drummer) at a high school we both went to at the time," guitarist/vocalist Shavero Ferrier told No Echo through an email exchange. "We found out that we had similar tastes in music and since then Luguber started as a two-man band.

"After a year of jamming in my basement, we headed to the studio to record our first EP. After some time we needed a bassist to fill the gaps, and not long after we recruited Norman Padma. In 2016, we got the chance to play in the first ever Wacken metal battle Caribbean addition. Though we didn't win, it was still one hell of an experience."

Luguber recently dropped an EP called Tabula Rasa:

Shavo shared some of Luguber's sonic influences: "Each member has their own taste varying from pop to grindcore, but we all have a passion for the raw sound of '90s hardcore. Currently, we are the only hardcore band in our country, and we are currently striving to broaden our music style within the scene.

"The sound of our music is mostly influenced by '90s hardcore, but we don't really fuck with labels so label us as you want. Some of our influences are bands like Strife, Merauder, Terror, Turnstile, Glassjaw, Kublai Khan, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Knocked Loose."

Since Shavo mentioned the lack of hardcore bands in Suriname, No Echo asked what other, if any, heavy music scenes were thriving there. "There is somewhat of a metal scene here, but we are trying  to start a culture revolution and pave our own way with hardcore in a scene that's not there. If there is a band we could mention it would be Anti-Everything from Trinidad and Tobago that basically do the same things as us but 10 times better."

"There is a small network between bands in the Caribbean (Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and French-Guyana). This could lead to a potential hardcore scene in the Caribbean region."


Tabula Rasa is available now across all streaming outlets.


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