Mindfield: Florida Crossover Hardcore Group Returns w/ “Contrition” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Krissy Marie

I've previously covered Mindfield on the site before and I'm really pleased with the Florida band's work ethic. In addition to a steady gig schedule, the crossover hardcore group dropped a killer EP in the form of Void of Illuminance.

Now, the Jacksonville quartet is back at it with a music video for "Contrition," a slamming track from the aforementioned EP. I'm psyched to bring it to No Echo readers below:

"I just wanna say huge shoutout to Eduardo Ruiz for doing our first music video," Mindfield vocalist Nick tells me. "As for the lyrics and the song: this one is about reflecting on dumb choices we’ve all made in our lives and living with regret of said choices and ondering if we’ll perrish for what we’ve done. In 2019, we are definitely planning on touring more and of course getting some more music out. We’ll be going out with our friends in Control System from Tampa for about 10 days in February which we’ll be announcing soon and other tours are in the works, too. As well as doing a split EP with some friends. I can’t tell you who the other band is yet, but just know that we’re all really excited for it and we think everyone else will be too.

"We’ll also be releasing our Void of Illuminance EP in Europe and Japan through FWH records (Filled with Hate Records) early 2019. I know I speak for every member in the band when I say we’re stoked for 2019. New music, new tours. Keep an eye out!"

Mindfield can also be found on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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