Perfect World: NYHC Band’s ‘War Culture’ Album Was Made for These Crazy Times (PREMIERE)

Photo: Danielle Dombrowski

Brooklyn hardcore outfit Perfect World dropped their debut LP today.

Titled War Culture, the 13-track collection offers up pounding NYHC with timely and thoughtful lyrical content. The band recorded the LP with Adam Cichocki at Timbre Studios mostly over the course of three weeks last winter.

Perfect World teased the record a few times, offering up “Lariat” and “My Time Runs Out” as single releases, and “King of the Night” and “Human Targets” as a sampler last summer. Those 4 songs and 8 more make up War Culture, a record that combines the angst and energy traditional to NYHC with lyrics and aesthetics that bring the band’s socio-cultural commentary to the foreground.

The band expects War Culture to see a vinyl release on LDB Records in early 2021. 

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