Domain: South Florida Band Serves Up Metallic Hardcore Pummeling on New EP

Photo: Brittany Fowner 

"It’s just very angry metallic hardcore," answers Alex Rothberger, vocalist of South Florida band Domain, when No Echo asks him to describe their sound. "We formed on the remains of a previous band that we were playing in. We just made a couple of the songs that we had faster and heavier and just added to that."

We're discussing all-things Domain thanks to their recently released EP, Persevere Through Suffering, a 3-track aural beating that is as brutal as it is infectious in its delivery.

Listening to Alex break down some of their influences, it's easy to see why Domain dwell in the sonic space they do: 

"Matt’s drumming is really influenced by bands like Merauder. The guitars range from bands like Kickback with mosh riffs and the metal licks of bands like Congress. And I’ve been told numerous times my vocals are pretty similar to Hatebreed."

According to Alex, the material featured on Persevere Through Suffering was cooked up during the pandemic. "Lyrically, it ranges from police brutality to overcoming personal struggles."

If you dig what you hear, also check out Domain's 6-track Embodiment of Fear EP that dropped in 2020.

Persevere Through Suffering is available on cassette via The Coming Strife Records.


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