XREDLINEX: Listen/Watch New Chicago Hardcore Band Via “11th Hour” Music Video (PREMIERE)

Likely named for the North/South connective tissue that runs through the Windy City, then collective family tree of Chicago’s XREDLINEX resembles an L train map. 

The straight edge crew is cobbled together from the self-described goons in 2Minute Minor, xIron Sharpens Ironx, Zao, Life Force, and everyone’s favorite leftist vegan aggressors, Vanguard. 

No Echo is stoked to premiere “11th Hour," a stomping blast of hardcore shot by the band’s own industrious Wiley Willis. Essentially celebrating a day in the life, the crestfallen vibes of an honorary graveside visit are assuaged a bit by a leisurely drive and the lighthearted fraternity of band practice:

The closing shot of the CTA’s well trafficked train line is paired to the prominently placed National Suicide Prevention hotline. Considering the band’s thoughtful membership, the PMA shouldn’t surprise.

Forever leading heart first, XREDLINEX rumbles onward in ferocious fellowship. 

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