Corrupt Vision x Se Vende: Skacore & Melodic Punk Come Together on New EP (PREMIERE)

Se Vende( Photo: Chad Kelco)

How Much Trash Is Enough? is a new split EP that brings together two SoCal bands, Se Vende and Corrupt Vision, each with their own distinct sound.

San Diego's Se Vende was formed in 2010 by guitarists Jonny Cuz and Collin Smith, bringing forth a grungy punk-pop sound that was informed by such influences as Fifteen and Jawbreaker. Rounded out by drummer Ono Senteno, the trio has released a grip of recordings, but their highest profile look so far came in 2018, when Se Vende was approached by Tony Hawk to have their song “Positivity 101” featured on the soundtrack of his video game, Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam.

The flipside of the EP features Orange County's Corrupt Vision, a band that calls what they do musically "anti-ska." The interesting part of that is that their songwriting and playing approach does indeed feature ska-driven components (slinking bass lines, upstroke guitar stabs, etc.), but they also have a different side of their musical style that favors speedy hardcore tempos. It's rad stuff.

Corrupt Vision

Coming out this Friday (June 21st), the musical pairing on How Much Trash Is Enough? is refreshing and No Echo is pleased as piss to help premiere the EP for our readers today:

"This record came about when I, jokingly, asked Tommy when we were gonna do a split at a show both of our bands were playing at Programme skate and sound in Fullerton, Californa," says Se Vende's Collin Smith. "Oddly enough, everyone thought it was a cool idea. This was when we finally met after hearing about each other’s bands for some time.

"Eventually, Jon, joined Corrupt Vision and that kinda got the ball rolling for this split in a more serious direction, I think we recorded our songs in a day and sent it off to Tommy, which then lit a fire under their ass to get shit done. We’re super stoked to solidify our friendship on this piece of wax and it just seems like the right thing to do."

How Much Trash Is Enough? will be out June 21st via No Time Records (vinyl variants pre-order).

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