Action for Afghanistan: Eighteen Visions & Despair Among Bands on New Compilation

Eighteen Visions (Photo: Dave Mandel)

Action for Afghanistan is a new benefit 2X cassette/digital compilation featuring tracks contributed by such bands as Eighteen Visions, Despair, and The Geeks. The benefit will be released on a dual cassette via Another City Records, each set including a transparent green tape and a transparent red tape, which when paired with the black cover art act to represent the flag of the war-torn country.

Organized by Mark Bradley (vocalist in both Unblind and Disappear), a first-hand witness to the atrocities committed against the Afghan people, for whom the project has been a labor of love. I had a chance to speak with him last week about the compilation, and he had this to say: 

“The idea for this project came from the current unrest in Afghanistan… It just so happens (the) USA pulling out of the country coincided with the 10 year anniversary of the death of two friends in the country. I had been reflecting a lot on these events; and a conversation between an old Army buddy lead to the idea of doing something to give back to their people. 

"I immediately hit up Shawn at Another City Records and told him my idea. From the get-go he was 100% on board. I then started contacting bands I’m personal friends with, or bands I admire, and secured their support. 

"One major thing I was trying to accomplish, was to get representation from bands with diverse lineups and backgrounds (not just straight white males). A lot of time and effort went into hand selecting bands that I felt would best represent the overall message of this compilation. I think we managed to do so, and also achieved a pretty eclectic mix of bands.”

Given the lineup of bands contributing to the release, these are sure to go quick, and all of the proceeds from the compilation will go directly to Women for Afghan Women and MIAAN, so don’t sleep!

Orders can be placed via the Another City Records webstore. The list of contributing bands, which is considerable, can be found below: 

Direct Measure⁣
Ill Communication⁣
Life Force⁣
No Longer at Ease⁣
Rejection Pact⁣
Bitter Truth⁣
Optimal Crime⁣
Prison Suicide⁣
The Geeks⁣
Terminal Nation⁣
Si Dios Quiere⁣
Berthold City⁣
Soul Charge⁣
Eighteen Visions⁣
Last Gasp⁣
Miracle Drug⁣
Moral Law⁣
One Up⁣
Bull Cult⁣
Second Life⁣


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