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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Threshold

Photo: Chucky Edge

Band: Threshold
From: Melbourne, Australia

Their formation story:
(Sam, guitar): "Threshold came about as a result of me feeling somewhat dissatisfied with the scene around me at the time. I felt like labels, promoters, etc., were mainly pushing one kind of sound, and bands were going along with that. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the heavier metallic hardcore I tend to gravitate towards, so I had to take matters into my own hands. 

"At the time time, there was also some controversy with people trying to police how others moshed or participated in shows, so also I wanted to make something hard that would inspire violent reactions and maximum damage. Luckily, some friends shared the vision and the band came together.

"It was also our singer Tenaya and bassist Liam’s first bands, our drummer at the time was fresh to the scene too, so I think people in our city really appreciated a group of fresh faces trying to do something different, so we’ve been able to play some sick shows and build up our name a bit which we are grateful for."
Their sound in their own words:

"I’ve started labelling it 'brutal metallic hardcore,' which doesn’t really mean anything but sounds cool. I’d say our obvious influences are Connecticut bands like Hatebreed, 100 Demons, and Death Threat. We are also all into death metal, especially slammy New York stuff like Internal Bleeding.

"On top of that, I think something that separates our sound from your stock death metal-inspired metallic hardcore is that I try to borrow from more evil-sounding Euro metalcore stuff, particularly Deformity."

Latest release info:
"Our new EP Descent to Misery is out now. I’m super happy with how it all turned out, we all put heaps of work in and I think it really achieves what the band wanted to do from its outset. It was really important to us to not have any filler and just make everything hectic. It’s also the first release to feature our new drummer, Milky, who is a total psycho that people might know from bands like Extortion or Excarnate (or Rort if you’re a real Melbourne head).

"Having him on board has definitely made everything both more intense and more dynamic. We had the recording and mixing done by Adrian from Disentomb/Deliquesce/100 other brutal death bands, so he understood the more metallic angle of the assignment perfectly (hit him up!)."

Future plans:
"We’ll be playing some shows around the East Coast after the EP is out, it’s our first 'tour' so we are all looking forward to it heaps. We booked it ourselves so we got to make sure all the supports are killer, venues are good and so on.

"A highlight will be playing A Cold Day In BNE fest with a bunch of sick heavy bands from around Australia old and new. We also have some exciting shows lined up for the end of the year but you’ll have to wait and see for those."

What other bands from their region should we check out?
"Check out every band we’re playing with on our tour, they’re all sick. Also, please come to the shows, they will also be sick. Shameless self promo, I also play in Forewarned (Melbourne straight edge), Liam and Peter play in Seven Hells (Kickback/Euro styles), Peter and I play in Crawling ('90s alt think Hum/Failure), and Milky plays in Extortion (Fast) who everyone already knows. Peace."

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