World of Chaos: New Delaware Crossover Hardcore Band Proves the Youth Are Still Restless

World of Chaos is a new hardcore/crossover band from Delaware. The band features Gabe Antonio, son of Mark Antonio who has drummed in groups like My Turn to Win, The Dividing Line, and Thought Control. His wife Brooke has handled merch for such bands as Sick of It All, Walls of Jericho, and Dead to Fall, as well as running Stick It to Me Stickers

Gabe has done live guest vocals for numerous bands in his years of show going, including Bane, Descendents, and Comeback Kid, lent his harmonica skills for Gorilla Biscuits, guitar for Piebald, full time bass for Thought Control and a YouTube channel (Kids In The Pit) wherein he’s interviewed the likes of GWAR, Fiddlehead, and more.

The kid rocks, so when I found out he was finally doing his own band, I had to reach out. More below 

Introduce yourself.

My name is Gabe, and I play bass or guitar and sing in World of Chaos.

Where are you based, and how did the band come together?

So there is this game called Geometry Dash, with music in it, and me and the drummer Jayden would mess around and try to duet the songs on piano, but then we switched to drums and guitar, and we formed a band called Midnight Terror which wasn’t very good, and Midnight Terror never recorded or played live, and now we are in World Of Chaos

How old are you/the rest of your bandmates?

I am 12, and the drummer Jayden is 14.

What got you into hardcore?

The band Bad Religion got me into hardcore. I was listening to Bad Religion, and then I got into Hot Water Music, and Strike Anywhere opened for them, and that was my gateway to hardcore. And then I got really into Sick of It All.

Tell me a bit about Kids In the Pit.

So the singer of the band Be Well, Brian McTernan, was on a lot of podcasts and I was like, “I bet I could do that,” and now here we are. My favorite interviews were Brian Baker of Bad Religion, Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, and Milo Aukerman of Descendents.

What has your experience been like being so young in the hardcore scene? 

It’s super fun and I really like going to shows. Also, singing or playing guitar with bands is a thing I’m super lucky to do and I love it.

What are your influences?

The drummer Jayden’s are Slipknot and Rush. Mine are Municipal Waste, Hot Water Music, Bad Religion, and D.R.I.

What are some bands you’d like to play with in the foreseeable future?

D.R.I., Municipal Waste, and Hatebreed.

What are some bands from your area you’d recommend? 

BoySetsFire is awesome, Also, Paralysis from New Jersey is super sick, and my other band that I’m in with my dad, Thought Control, also from New Jersey, is sick.

Gabe on guest guitar with Piebald

Touring/show plans? 

We are trying to get on some local shows and some festivals, and we would love to do a weekend sometime this year.

Final thoughts.

This was super fun! Thanks for letting us do this interview.


World of Chaos on social media: Instagram

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