Wenches: Indiana Punks Cook Up Screaming Hard Rock on “State Fair Hair” (PREMIERE)

Formed in Bloomington, Indiana in 2017, Wenches specialize in a go-for-the-throat punk metal hybrid that is long on mouth-watering guitar riffs and devoid of any introspective parts to slow down the fiesta.

Their 2021 debut album, Effin Gnarly, got folks hot and bothered, and with the world opening up again, Wenches have a busy 2022 going. The band has up to five various releases slated for the year, including possible splits with New York outfits Choke City and Fake Piss, as well a remix record around the holidays. For some reason, we don't expect and jazzy remixes on that last one!

Today, No Echo is pleased to bring you the premiere of the title track to Wenches' forthcoming State Fair Hair EP:

Wenches vocalist James told No Echo the following about the song:

“‘State Fair Hair’ is based on actual events. I drove a ‘baby blue’ Ford Escort in high school and in July of ’92 I had just “graduated” with an ‘INCOMPLETE’ stamped on my diploma. I was ready to party.

"This song documents the only recording with our late bassist and brother, Jonathan Lee Horne, who lost a rapid battle with cancer at the beginning of 2021. The lathe-cut release is in honor of Jonathan, who had a particular love for 7-inch lathe-cut records."

State Fair Hair is available for order on Bandcamp.

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