Seaweed Vocalist Aaron Stauffer Pens Moving Solo Track in Tribute to Mark Lanegan

Mark Lanegan (Photo courtesy of Heavenly Recordings)

"I got the first Screaming Trees album [1986's Clairvoyance] after I heard them on the local college radio station, KAOS, and it was probably [Bikini Kill drummer] Tobi Vail's show since she played that kind of music," Aaron Stauffer texts me.

The Seaweed vocalist is talking Screaming Trees and Mark Lanegan with me today because he's just released a solo track in dedication to the vocalist, who passed away on February 22nd. "I was big into '60s psyche, so I was super-excited there was a 'local' band doing 'it' now," says Aaron.

So, how big a fan was he of Lanegan and the Trees?

"I booked a show for them when I was 15, but then I was on restriction when the show happened—which was on my 16th birthday. I am a bigger fan of Lanegan than anything else in music besides the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan, but I didn’t/don't know them."

Check out Aaron's moving tribute to the late singer, "Ode to Lanegan," below:

There's a line in "Ode to Lanegan" referencing a Screaming Trees show at the Masquerade in the '90s that Seaweed was also on. "At that Trees show in Atlanta, Lanegan had some bleach blond Florida normal girl on his arm and he was telling me, more or less, that I needed relax and enjoy tour life more."

Check out more of Aaron's solo recordings on his Bandcamp page.

If you're a fan of Seaweed, click here to read my exhaustive interview with Aaron. Also, make sure you check out his current band, Ghost Work, which also features members of Snapcase and Milemarker.


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