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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Burning Bush

Photo: G Spence

Band: Burning Bush
From: Kansas City, Missouri

Their formation story:
(Aaron Rhodes, vocals): "I'd written lyrics for a handful of songs and came up with ideas for the band's concepts and imagery back in late 2018 or early 2019. Since I don't play any instruments myself, I cycled through a bunch of different potential members and gave up on it once or twice before these guys here decided to give it a shot with me. We started writing and practicing in mid-2023 and played our first gig opening for Truth Cult in the fall."
Their sound in their own words:
Sometimes it's kinda tough to step back and get a good idea of what your own music sounds like. Some of my influences in my vocals and lyric-writing include Inside Out, Judge, Negative Approach, and Minor Threat. I think we might be enjoyable for fans of Restraining Order, Big Laugh, BIB, Destiny Bond, and Asbestos."

Latest release info:
"Our demo came out earlier this month on Delayed Gratification Records. We recorded the instrumentals at our practice space on a subzero day in January with Alex Tunks (SPINE) and the vocals a month later at his house. All of the lyrical content is me kind of trying to find catharsis and peace in the face of social alienation but using imagery from the Hebrew Bible and Jewish folklore.

"The music is just fast, '80s-influenced hardcore punk with some mosh parts, some stop-starts, and -- if I can brag on my guys real quick -- playing and writing that, to me, sounds fresh and classic all at once."

Future plans:
"We're playing a release show on May 24 with Prevention, Slug, and Stakes Is High at Howdy in Kansas City, Missouri and then a showcase at Manor Fest 6 with our friends in Flooding on June 1 at Big Mood Natural Wines. We're also playing again at Howdy on June 12 with Forced Humility from Finland. Then, we're currently locking in a late-June Midwest weekend run."

What other bands their your region should we check out?
"SPINE, Failure Drill, Lower Heaven, Stakes Is High, Final Atomic Battle, God Talk, Legalize Homicide, Cauterized, Flooding, Nightosphere, Missouri Executive Order 44, Joust, Nerver, Total Sham, Abandoncy, and Horseboy from Kansas City. Highway Demon, Tri-County Liquidators, and Littered With Arrows from Columbia, Missouri. Primitive Rage, Covert, O.N.E., and Hostile Witness from Springfield, Missouri."

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