Wall Breaker, Demo (Bleeding Edges Label, Absolute Contempt Records, 2017)

Wall Breaker is a new hardcore band out of New Jersey featuring Jeremy Evans (Coke Bust), Jeff DeSantis (Wormeaters), and Ken Ramsey (Glory Fades).

Released a few months back, Wall Breaker's self-titled demo is an adrenaline shot straight through your system, with fast-paced guitar riffs and youth crew-styled breakdowns. Ramsey's vocals have enough bite to them, but they also carry a clarity that is a fresh of breath air these days. That clear delivery helps push the pissed-off message of the song "Go Start Your Own Band," an indictment of the trendiness of some people in the hardcore scene:

"See the brand new, really cool shiny object
Out to save the scene and raid your pockets
Every t-shirt style and color vinyl
Got that look and mosh to make you smile..."

Yeah, that one's going to definitely spark some debate, but that's fucking awesome. 

The standout track on the demo is fittingly "Wall Breaker." On that one, the band deliver all of the different sonic ingredients that make their songs so damn infectious: quick guitar riffs, call and response vocal parts, massive breakdown part.

You can pick up a cassette copy of the Wall Breaker demo from either Bleeding Edges Label or Absolute Contempt Records.

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