Filth Is Eternal, Find Out (MNRK Heavy, 2023)

Whether people are already familiar with Filth is Eternal or not, their latest LP, Find Out, is demanding attention in the best way.

Hardly ever do I find myself using the words "catchy" and "aggressive" together, but this hit me hard on my first few listens to the record.

Along with being one of my favorite records released this year, I think Find Out will also end up the one most repeatedly listened to from beginning to end.

With 14 songs clocking in just shy of 30 minutes, the songwriting is equally concise and precise in its presentation.

I have a few songs that have already become favorites of mine including the third song, "Magnetic Point." The lyric that jumps out at me is when singer Lis Di Angelo repeats the phrase, "I want you to feel my spirit."

Throughout the record, feeling and hearing the spirit of Filth is Eternal is undeniable. If you've read any reviews I've written in the past when I have access to the lyrics, I try my best to highlight some favorite lines. Another favorite, so far, comes from the sixth song called "Curious Thing":

"What shapes modern life 
is ancient and everlasting 
A most curious thing 
will shape modern life
The modern world, a modern life
modern world reshaped"

Lis Di Angelo's lyrical abilities show a refinement that is inspiring to me. Sometimes when reading lyrics, it seems like some writers tend to aim at brevity and only end up vague; others try to fit the whole dictionary into one song and end in a mess. Lis didn't fall into either of these traps on this record and seems to have found a balance of expressing themselves while leaving things open to interpretation.

This energetic record would be lost without a powerful rhythm section, and I especially want to compliment drummer Emily Salisbury on her drumming. As I told her the other night after seeing Filth is Eternal at Knucklehead, I leave the floor blown away and wanting to practice every time I've seen them play live.

A drummer serving the song is a vital skill that I think is often taken for granted. 'Find Out' shows the importance of not overplaying throughout the band and the power of intentional creativity. 

I'm reminded of some of my conversations with guitarist Brian McClelland on Monday, specifically when we talked about our mutual love for a famous quote by author Charles Bukowski. While it's from a longer quote, the phrase is "Find what you love and let it kill you." I can confidently say Brian loves what he does and he does it well, but selfishly I want him around as long as possible and I think music will be better for it in general.

Whether it is more angular guitar passages or blistering fast riffing sure to stir a mosh pit into whirlwind motion, there is plenty of riff for guitar fiends to feast on with Find Out.

Photo: Joshua Simon

Find Out is Filth is Eternal's third LP and first LP on the MNRK Heavy label. Paul Fig produced the record with some assistance along the way provided by Phil Vera (known from various bands including Despise You, Crom, and Trappist), and mastering was handled by Nick Townsend. Available on CD, Vinyl, and digitally on the 29th of September; you will also be able to hear some of these songs live depending on where you live.

Filth is Eternal has just finished some dates touring with King Parrot and Spirit in the Room, and will do a few shows back up the West Coast of the US as they make their way home to Seattle after having played in Arizona on September 27th.

The next tour they have planned will be a UK tour as support to Finch in November and they also have a four-date Pacific Northwest tour planned for December with Dry Socket and Luv. Make sure to follow their social media for the most current gig info.

Make sure to follow their social media for the most current gig info.

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