West Coast Story: Inaugural Event to Celebrate Hardcore, Lowriders, Hip-Hop & LA Culture

West Coast Story is an all-day Los Angeles event that will feature an eclectic mix of punk, hardcore, grindcore, hip-hop, DJs, corridos, lowriders, vendors, live painting, food, drinks, and much more. The action goes down at 1PM this Saturday (June 15th) at 2346 Porter Street. Tickets are available here.

The event is a collaboration between California Cowboys Collective, Joker Brand, and Concrete Jungle Los Angeles. Some of the musical artists scheduled to perform includes Desmadre, Section H8, Dead Heat, Shakewell, and Vel Nine.

Just a few days before the party, I spoke with Luis Hernández of California Cowboys Collective (he's also the vocalist of LAHC vets Alpha & Omega) about the origins of West Coast Story and why it was important for the Los Angeles arts community.

What was the inspiration behind West Coast Story, and how long have you been working on it? The bill is very eclectic in terms of musical styles.

The idea of West Coast Story started early this year and has continued to evolve through different connections, to all the things that make Los Angeles what it is.

Everything we do is for the city, for the state, for the people, for the West Coast. California overall is a deep melting pot in every way you look at it. It’s only fitting to have a lineup as diverse as this one. 

Tell me a bit about California Cowboys Collective.

California Cowboys Collective is a place for me and my friends to create. To water each other, as we tighten the threads that bring us together. This is a place for all of the communities, everything and everyone that we’re connected to. 

All of the overlap that encompasses who we are. It's all my friends, and all of the circles that we’re part of. All of the other collectives and groups coming together as one.  
Everything that makes this place what it is. 

California Cowboys Collective is for everyone that stands on who they are and where their from with pride

Photos from California Cowboys Collective events

Is West Coast Story going to be an annual event? What else can we expect from the California Cowboys Collective in the near future?

I don’t think we really have scratched the surface yet on everything we’re trying to accomplish here. I think this is just one of many generations of a lot of various types of events to come.


West Coast Story is this Saturday (June 15) @ 1PM at 2346 Porter Street in Los Angeles. Get tickets at this link.

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