Ten Ton Hammer Deliver Brutal Hardcore Befitting of Their Name on New Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Kate Lowe

Together since 2014, Ten Ton Hammer is a Philadelphia-based band that combines their love for '90s metal and New England hardcore into everything they write. 

With a lyrical approach that focuses on issues of depression and self-analysis, the quartet has issued 4 releases to date, including 2016's Always Empty EP for Harvcore Records (Edgewise, Year of the Knife).

Though they broke up for a minute, Ten Ton Hammer recovened during the COVID-19 nightmare to create new music fitting for the situation. While New Failures won't be out til next month, No Echo has a track called "Weak" from the EP for you to gnaw on:

“'Weak' is an exploration of my own self destructive tendencies," vocalist John Lowe tells No Echo. "I’ve put a lot of work into being a better person, partner and friend as an adult, but sometimes it feels like I built a mansion on top of a swamp.

"That flawed foundation is still there and creates structural issues and insecurity in my life constantly, and instead of trying to fix things I just keep tempting fate and waiting for it all to fall down.  This is a song for people like me who just can’t stop getting in their own way.” 

New Failures will be out on December 4th via Knife Hits Records.

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