Time X Heist: Denver Hardcore Band Signs to Indecision Records, Drops New Track

Photo: Joe Lacey

The first time Time X Heist appeared on No Echo was back in 2022. At that time, site contributor Flint Beard wrote that the Denver, Colorado outfit seamlessly blended "sounds from the late '90s Youth Crew revival up through the more melodic '00s style."

Last year, Time X Heist returned to No Echo via a feature supporting their split with UKHC band Without Love.

Today, the Centennial State hardcore crew are back with the first taste of their forthcoming debut LP for Indecision Records in the form of a track called "Never Go It Alone," and it rips. "The concept I had in writing that song was 'what would I say to a younger me about being straight edge," says vocalist Mark Frandsen. "But I think the song applies really to anyone who wants to live their life in a way that isn't generally accepted by larger society.

"Even if you're not straight edge there's that general connection people in hardcore feel in terms of living 'out of step' with society. This song pretty much sums up the vibe of the record which overall is that life is gonna suck sometimes but you can get through it."

No Echo is psyched to help spread the word about this track for our readers today:

With a history including releases by the likes of The Promise, Insted, and Unbroken, Indecision Records' pedigree in the hardcore community is unquestioned. Mark explains how Time X Heist landed a spot on the label's roster.

"I just emailed Dave [Mandel] and in a nutshell said, 'I worship your label, would you be down to work with us.' You might think 'worship' is a strong word but out of all the bigger labels that were around when I really got into hardcore in the early 2000s Indecision was putting out what I think was the best stuff at the time.

"For our sound and the vibe we're going for, Indecision just seemed like the best fit. Luckily, Dave was into what we were doing so I didn't have to do much begging. He came and saw us when we played in LA, we chatted and just went from there. It really is an honor to be part of the history of this label."

Now that With Every Passing Moment is coming out next month, Time X Heist is in full-on work mode. "The week after the record drops, we fly to Europe for the first time. We got a good mix of fests, supporting club shows and smaller headlining shows. Big shout out to Stronger Bookings for helping us set everything up. We're playing with lots of awesome bands both from the US and from Europe. 

"After that, we're working on a short West Coast run and another short East Coast run at the end of September around this new fest called Spreading the Hardcore Reality which is a two-day fest being put on by Enterprise Hardcore out of Rochester."

With Every Passing Moment will be out on June 7th via Indecision Records (pre-order).

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