Blind to Life & Shit Eating Grin: Colorado Hardcore Bands Unite on New EP (PREMIERE)

Blind to Life (Photo: Nox Nohi)

No Echo is pleased to present the Olympic City Hardcore Split, which unites Colorado hardcore bands Blind to Life and Shit Eating Grin on one beastly EP.

Allow us to introduce you to the cast of characters:

Blind to Life is a quintet based out of Colorado Springs with a sound that has been compared to the likes of Trapped Under Ice and Suburban Scum. The material on the split is the follow-up to their two-track Iron Style single from last year.

Shit Eating Grin also hails from Colorado Springs and is comprised of members of Mouth For War, Remain & Sustain, and Bruise. They play tough-sounding metallic hardcore and this is their first new music since 2020's "Show You Reality" one-off single.

Dig in below for the Olympic City union:

To celebrate the release of the Olympic City Hardcore Split, Blind to Life and Shit Eating Grin will be playing a hometown show tonight (April 20th) at the Triple Nickel. Also on the bill will be Kentucky's Guerilla Warfare, Pennsylvania's Freeze MF, and Iowa's Dose:

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