The Dividing Line Walks the Straight Edge on “Hypocrite” from Upcoming Debut LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Todd Pollock

The Dividing Line has been serving up unbridled hardcore fury since forming in 2017. The straight edge-focused outfit features members from other groups including Outlast and Sunstroke.

"We're into writing fast and angry hardcore punk and I'd say this record is somewhere between SSD and No Tolerance in terms of sound," The Dividing Line vocalist Casey told No Echo back in a 2018 feature on the East Coast-based band.

It's been a few years since The Dividing Line dropped their kickass Turn My Back on the World EP, so it's a treat to help announce that they're gearing up for the forthcoming release of their debut album, Owe You Nothing.

Take a listen to a track entitled "Hypocrite" below and keep scrolling to get in on the LP pre-order action:

"It's 2021 and drinking still sucks," vocalist Casey emailed No Echo. "Stop wasting your life away and funding the downfall of humanity.”

Owe You Nothing will be out soon via New Age Records, and you should really hit this pre-order link to get in on the fun.

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