Scorched Mind: Wilkes-Barre Band Whips Up Chaotic, HM-2-Driven Sound on Debut EP

Photo: Keith Perks (1120 Studios)

Scorched Mind is a band that was formed in late 2023 in the Wilkes-Barre region of Pennsylvania. The quartet is comprised of musicians who have also played in such bands as Mind Power, Sleepsculptor, and Machine Arms.

In terms of their sound, well, it's definitely gnarly, but I'll let guitarist Michael Tyahur break that down for you: "It's a chaotic blend of sludgy, unrelenting beatdown grooves, blasting death metal carnage, and metallic HM2-driven hardcore riffs." Yeah, that's a solid way to put it.

Drawing inspiration from groups like Nails and Leeched, Scorched Mind just released their self-titled debut EP, and it's an all-around aural assault:

Since Michael already shared his take on their sonic approach, No Echo asks the guitarist about the lyrics on Scorched Mind: "The emotion Jake [Moyer] is trying to convey is pretty much just anger. Playing heavy music and performing heavy shows is supposed to be a cathartic experience, in his opinion.

"He wrote everything with the intention that our live show will embody that very idea. His lyrics for this music, are meant to transmute his own personal anger and negativity into something creative, instead of bottling it up and reaping the negative effects of that as many do in life."

Though Scorched Mind are based out of a region that has produced many great bands throughout the years (Cold World, Title Fight, War Hungry), according to Michael, they could use some more venues to host shows.

"Our local scene in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area is mildly struggling. We don’t have very many DIY venues or cool places to play at all really, so you’ll see people renting out back rooms in random spots, or peoples garages with 'ask for address' or playing in the woods on makeshift stages [laughs].

"We have The Ritz Theatre (owned by Josh Balz formerly of Motionless In White) that just starting to do some cool things and a few smaller basement venue spots, but they don’t really allow heavy music, which sucks for us. As for bands local to us to check out: Sleepsculptor, Toothless, So Much Hope Buried, Escape Artist, Vulture Peak, Cruel Bomb, and EZ Boys."

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