Sunbloom: Seattle Group Marries Grunge + Shoegaze on “Surround” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Alex Palomo

Sunbloom is a new band based out of Seattle, WA, but the outfit's first batch of material was written on the other side of the country. "I was feeling very stagnate in Seattle, nothing getting done, I needed to change my head space, so I left," says guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mclean about his stint living in Brooklyn, NY. "Luckily, I had some good friends going to school in New York City, Seb Choe (Cool Void, Broken Spear) let me sleep on their couch and play their Jazzmaster for a couple weeks, I'm super grateful for that period, I got a lot of writing done."

The material that Jeff came up with marries the fuzz-driven guitars of grunge with the distant cool of shoegaze and as soon as Jeff returned to Seattle, he hooked up with drummer Will Power (Painboys) to work up the songs. "We would just jam the songs in my garage until the cops would come or the neighbors would knock," Jeff tells me. Bassist Jordan Giblin and guitarist Simon Coseboom were brought in by Will and the lineup tracked would would become Sunbloom's debut EP, Dizzy Spell. The EP will arrive in stores later in February, but the band have blessed the site with a sneak peek at one of its tracks, "Surround," which you can stream below:

"This is a song about how life can feel overwhelming sometimes and frivolous things add up and seem insurmountable but hopefully there's a little beauty in the thought, at the end we're all just flowers," Jeff says about the track.

Dizzy Spell was recorded by Capt. Tripps (Gag, Milk Music, Big Bite) at High Command Studios and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering (Elliott Smith, Power Trip). The Sunbloom lineup that tracked the EP has changed since Will left to focus on his school studies, but Jeff called on Kyle McCollum (Cavurn, Singled Out) into the fold. With the EP dropping soon and shows being planned, 2019 looks good for the Seattle combo.

The Dizzy Spell EP will be released by Bad Form Records on Feb. 20 and can be pre-ordered here.