Moral Law: Denver XVX Metalcore Band Delivers Militant Message on “Abolitionist” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Chris Carrera

The last time No Echo covered Moral Law in 2021, the Denver band had just inked a deal with New Age Records. The seminal Southern Californian hardcore label discovered the band through their self-titled 2019 EP and following year's split EP with Ritual of Decay.

Along with such heavy-hitters as Field of Flames, Abrasion, and Contention, Moral Law is part of an exciting wave of bands inspired by the complex yet emotional metallic hardcore sound of the '90s.

With a vegan straight edge mindset always at the forefront of what they do, Moral Law is gearing up for the release of their debut album, The Looming End.

Let's get to business today and check out the Jarrett Barnes-directed music video for "Abolitionist," a chaotic guitar riff fest from the group's forthcoming album:

“'Abolitionist' is probably our most direct statement about our stance on veganism and the exploitation of animals," Moral Law vocalist Alex Morales told me through email.

"Everyone in the band not only believes in the ideals of a vegan lifestyle as an act of liberation, but we also are in full support of militant action for the sake of the animals in harm’s way. The lyrics and video alongside it are our best attempt at making that abundantly clear!” 

Moral Law will be heading out on a run of US dates in late May along with No Other Way:

The Looming End will be out this summer via New Age Records, with pre-orders going up on May 13th.

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