Bleached Cross: Chicago Post-Punk/Darkwave Band Drops Video for Track from Their Forthcoming Superb Split EP

Photo: Ryan Davis

Chicago’s Bleached Cross is a band that scratches every itch I would have. They play brooding songs that cover gloomy topics, they make merch that isn’t boring and matches the tone of the music, and they wear matching stage outfits. All three are important and rarely achieved by bands I enjoy. 

This year, we get to see a new split, Columns of Impenetrable Light, from them and Philadelphia post-punkers, The True Faith. Bleached Cross' side of the record was engineered and mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in the summer of 2023.

Today, I am thrilled to premiere the music video for “Grief’s Eternal Wound." the single for Bleached Cross’ half of the split. The clip was directed and edited by Dave Cullen, and Julia Carusillo handled the costume design and fabrication:

Columns of Impenetrable Light isn't the first time Bleached Cross have collaborated with The True Faith. Both bands appeared together on Bleached Cross' B-side and demo compilation, Exhumed, which included a remix by The True Faith.

Columns of Impenetrable Light also features art design by Coward's Way, who has also worked with such bands as Soft Kill, Aurat, and Fearing. 

Columns of Impenetrable Light track listing:
1. Bleached Cross "Grief's Eternal Wound"
2. Bleached Cross "Rain of Tears"
3. Bleached Cross "Litany"
4. Bleached Cross "The Weeping"
5. The True Faith "What If (I Could Tell You)"
6. The True Faith "The Means (ft. Dutch Experts)"
7. The True Faith "Life Awaits Us"
8. The True Faith "What Is Owed"

The True Faith will have a single dropping later in the year to promote their half of project. 

Columns of Impenetrable Light will be out August 9th via Protagonist Music and A La Carte Records.

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