Black Gaff: Ex-Backslider Member Returns w/ Sludge-Crusted Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Tamara Velazquez and Patrick Forrest

Black Gaff is the solo moniker of musician Patrick Forrest. Last profiled on No Echo late last year, the project finds the Philadelphia-based musician delivering short bursts of tar-thick sludge power violence.

After starting Black Gaff during the first spring of the pandemic, Patrick—who is a union stagehand and skateboard lifer—released a demo through Give Praise Records, and he's kept busy writing what would become his next relese.

"With no hope of a return to work and life as we knew it," Patrick tells No Echo. "I had plenty of time to continue to skate and write what would become a new 7 inch, the Dead Hang EP."  

Here's the title track to the aforementioned Dead Hang EP:

Like the last time, Black Gaff will be teaming up with GIve Praise Records, who just made a limited lathe cut "dress black" vinyl via Bandcamp.

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