Neckscars Offer Up Post-Hardcore-Kissed Punk on “First Time, Long Time” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Mike Mannhaupt

In 2018, 4 veterans of the New York DIY music scene decided to come together to form Neckscars. The combo didn't have a specific style completely honed in when they began jamming together, but as they gelled, the sound began to take a melodic punk direction.

To No Echo's ears, Neckscars deliver their material with a certain post-hardcore-like flair to it all. Yeah, there's dissonance and push/pull dynamics cutting through the their material, and it's not surprising some people have compared the Empire State band's music to the likes of Hot Water Music and Seaweed.

Arriving later this month, Don't Panic is Neckscars' forthcoming debut album, and No Echo is pleased to present the music video premiere of one of the record's standout tracks, "First Time, Long Time," for you today:

"'First, Time, Long Time' ends the record as a goodbye to a dear friend who passed away," Neckscars vocalist/guitarist Will Romeo told No Echo via email.

"Sometimes you can’t help the people you love. We disconnected and never had the chance to say goodbye." 

Don't Panic will be co-released by Sell the Heart Records and Engineer Records on July 18th. The vinyl pre-order is live for both US and UK customers.

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