The Venomous Pinks’ “Broken Hearts Club” Sounds Like a Lost ‘90s Pop-Punk Gem (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jack Grisham

When a presser hits the inbox with the following descriptor, you pay attention: "If members of Bikini Kill and TSOL musically collided in a Russ Myer movie, the soundtrack scoring the scene would be orchestrated by The Venomous Pinks."

After listening to The Venonmous Pinks for a few minutes, that statement above rings true. The Arizona-based trio bangs out a sound that reminds No Echo of the '90s heyday of Lookout! Records with its sugary hooks and punky tempos.

Formed in 2012, the band have released three EPs and have shared stages with the likes of Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, and Anti-Flag. Recently signed to SBÄM Records, The Venomous Pinks are about to start the next chapter in their story via their debut album, Vita Mors. The record was produced by Cameron Webb, a name you might recognize from his work with Social Distortion, Pennywise, and NOFX.
Shot and edited by Alexander Thomas, check out the music video for "Broken Hearts Club," pure ear candy from the band's forthcoming album:

The Venomous Pinks comment on the song:

“'Broken Hearts Club' is a track dedicated to the ones we’ve loved and lost. Captured through a documentary lens, this video reflects raw footage of us recording alongside producers Cameron Webb and Linh Le. Writing this song came from such personal space, it only made sense to showcase us unfiltered as a band.

"Collectively and individually, it’s important to remember that over the past few years, we as a society have experienced so much tragedy. The uncertainty and finalization of death is the one thing each of us have in common. Living for today is a choice often taken for granted.”  

Vita Mors will be released on June 3 via SBÄM Records (pre-order/pre-save).

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