Take No More Represent for the Bucharest Hardcore Scene on New EP

Founded in 2014, Take No More is a hardcore band from Bucharest, Romania. The quintet was formed by Gheorghe Rares Cristian Juan (known as Desvalido), Mihai Parchisanu, and Malin Neamtu (both from the thrash meral band Crossbone), along with Vlad Andrei (from the metalcore band Key to the Crown).  

"We would describe the bands sound as groovy and hard hitting," says Desvalido. "Our influences vary from bands lile Biohazard, Death Threat, Vein.fm, and Buried Alive. We do also have some alternative rap songs influenced by acts like City Morgue on our tape and a breakbeat remix to one of our songs performed by electronic local trio aim+wall. We try to blend multiple influences and genres as we are all into multiple genres, and I'm also a hip-hop DJ and producer/A&R at Def Jam Recordings Romania."

Take No More's latest effort is a 6-track EP entitled A Desperation for Humanity:

"The EP was recorded at Osimetric Production Studios and at the Def Jam Romania Recordings studios," says Desvalido. "The music engineering was done by German engineer Anton Hoyer and Romanian engineer Stefan Simion. The project’s message is our protest against the injustices inflicted on the innocent, often by those in power. We use pseudo-Biblical references to make this stand out more vividly."

Desvalido offers some thoughts on their music community: "The Romanian local scene at this point is quite active but still not popular. There are a few bands active right now but most of them are the same artists in rotation.

"There's a very strong DIY scene both in Bucharest and Cluj organizing various events to raise funds for animal shelters, raise political awareness regarding our local problems and world wide problems. Groups worth checking out include Tourist, Cold Brats, Scrag, Rotheads, $uicidjego$, and aim+wall."

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