Ritual Barbiturate: Post-Punk, Hardcore & Noise Rock Come Together on Band’s Debut Offering (PREMIERE)

Allow us to introduce you to Ritual Barbiturate, a band that isn't easy to categorize with a conventional genre tag. The project was founded by Matthew Davis (dogsholylife, AD, Form Rank) and Chris Wolford (ENDS., AD, Try Harder), two musicians with an impressive history of musical and visual arts collabrations under their belts. 

They're joined in Ritual Barbiturate by bassist/guitarist Gabe VanBenschoten (Mossbreaker, Gale Forces) and drummer Kellii Scot, who you might know from a little band called Failure. 

Today, No Echo is happy to help premiere "Tilt" and "Pain Manager," the title track from the group's forthcoming debut album. As stated above, Ritual Barbiturate is tough to nail down stylistically, but you can hear elements of everthing from noise rock to post-punk to hardcore coursing through their songwriting.

Fans of bands like Drug Church, SPICE, and Militarie Gun should take notice: 

Here's what vocalist Chris Wolford shared about the song:

"'Tilt' confronts addiction head-on, not as a mark of weakness, but as a complex web, like a pinball machine stuck in tilt mode, we weave in various forms - fear, anxiety, even the comfort food we crave. It's a call to break free from the tired idea of addiction as insanity, urging us to consider a new perspective. It's about vulnerability, about being willing to try to be open to a different path, even if it's beyond our understanding." 

Pain Manager will be out on June 27th via Dune Altar (pre-order cassette / pre-save digital stream).

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