Never Ending Game, Welcome to the... (Self-Released, 2018)

There truly is no other place in America that could have belched forth the fusillade of Never Ending Game than Detroit, MI.

Featuring members of Freedom, True Love, and Detain, Welcome To The... may be hardcore's first example of emotional-beatdown.

It's difficult to fully encapsulate the sheer caged-animal derangement going on here with objective prose, so here are a series of metaphors that hopefully help you grasp the true girth that it is Never Ending Game:

  • Harder than getting hit in the head with a fucking ball-peen hammer by someone you couldn't have beaten in a fight anyway.
  • Action movie montage music for after the hero's family has been murdered and he's "using his darkness" to revenge prep.
  • The emotional tumult of when you're in middle school and some dude named Ron pulls you aside to tell you he's marrying your mom.
  • What Predator listens to, both while he hunts, and when he misses his home planet.
  • When you have to communicate your feelings but the only tools you have are a dull knife and a pile of loose bullets.

Understand that these metaphors can each only hope to encapsulate a single facet in the complex gem that is the unadulterated blitz of dumb-brilliance. In conclusion, this release offers the unique opportunity for understanding how the Neanderthal community must have felt discovering fire.

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